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  • Assessment & Intervention Planning
  • Social Skills Training available
  • Clinic & Home-Based ABA Therapy person


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  • Educational Advocacy


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Our Team, 4 Behavior Change

Our “Why” is because we believe “It takes a village” to build a child’s success.

  • As life long educators we believe, success for “our children” is built on a partnership between caregivers, educators and providers.
  • Teamwork and communication are essential in order to support progress and growth.
  • We strive for individualized success to be meaningful, purposeful, and impactful in the lives of the children and families we support.
  • Using evidence-based practices, we build on existing skills to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Please ask about our Telehealth Services available during COVID-19,  including locations where qualified professionals are not easily accessible.

4 Children

  • Telehealth ABA Services

4 Parents

  • Remote Parent Training/Education
  • Remote Educational advocacy

4 Providers

  • Remote Supervision
  • Remote Staff Training
  • Remote Educational Services
  • Telehealth can be provided out-of-state as long as the provider has the appropriate license for the state (please inquire, we are willing to obtain necessary state license, if required by state)
  • Currently we are providing services in California & Michigan

ABA is covered by insurance in California and Michigan. We currently accept Anthem, Aetna, Cigna and Humana. However, we can work with you to determine if you have out-of-network benefits or get a single case agreement. Please contact us for pre-authorization.

“The world needs all types of minds.”

– Temple Grandin


With the support and guidance, we’ve received from 4 Behavior Change we’ve been able to expand our practice and we’re busier than ever! I’ve seen that these services are an important asset to families of children that are in need of the best possible support. Highly recommend the services that are offered.


The staff at 4 Behavioral Change is experienced and highly skilled at working with children of all ages with challenging behavior. My son and I have had the good fortune of working with both Lori and Dawn through our local school district and now at 4 Behavioral Change. Lori first met my son when he was six years old and just starting kindergarten. She accurately identified his learning and emotional needs, and set up a variety of supports to help him begin to regulate and access learning. Lori knows how to support children like my son who have severe anxiety, a learning disability, attention challenges, and difficulty coping with his disabilities. Her assessments are thorough and she excels at designing effective, practical intervention plans. More recently, Lori and Dawn supported my now fifteen year old son as he struggled to make the transition back to in person learning as a high school freshman after more than a year of distance learning from home. Lori and Dawn reconnected easily with my son, and were able to listen to his concerns and work with him to figure out what he needed to make the return to school. Both Lori and Dawn had an established history with my son which made gaining his trust effortless. They kept the discussions relatable and goal oriented for my teen, and made sure that all needed services and accommodations were provided through his IEP. I am grateful my son has had Lori and Dawn in his corner at different stages of his educational journey.


We love 4BehaviorChange! They have been amazing with our 6yo son and we have noticed a big change in his behavior since starting ABA therapy with them. They work really well to find solutions for us as a family too. When I was first looking for ABA therapy for my son, it was so overwhelming and Lori really took the time to go over everything with me. She really empathized with our situation and I could tell she really cares about the kids and families she works with. Plus, Dawn and Kaila are the best. My son loves both of them so much. We will forever be grateful for them!