ABA services are provided to children ages 2 – 22. Services are based on assessment of verbal behavior, social skills, adaptive skills and barriers to learning.

Our services:

  • Assessment & Intervention Planning
  • Social Skills Training available
  • Clinic & Home-Based ABA Therapy
4 Behavior Change, Inspiring Minds to Grow

Assessment & Intervention Planning

This process involves a Functional Behavior Assessment.  An FBA is a form of behavior assessment that helps in planning intervention and guiding the development of the treatment plan.

Social Skills Training

Social skills are taught through naturalist and contrived social opportunities in order to practice building foundational skills and relationships

Clinic, Home-Based & Virtual ABA Therapy

We provide ABA therapy in a variety of situations in order to meet individual needs.  Therapy is available on-site at our office, in-home, schools, community settings and virtually.