4 Behavior Change provides ABA services to children ages 2 – 22. Services are provided to children with autism or other behavioral challenges. An assessment of verbal behavior, social skills, adaptive skills and barriers to learning is conducted to determine targets and intervention strategies. 

Our services:

  • ABA Behavior Therapy 
  • Advocacy & IEP review
  • Educational planning 
4 Behavior Change, Inspiring Minds to Grow

ABA Behavior Therapy 

We provide ABA therapy in a variety of settings in order to meet individual needs.  Therapy is available on-site at our office, in-home, schools, community settings and virtually.  Our services are generally funded by insurance companies for children who are identified with autism.  However, we are more than happy to work with any child. The process begins with a behavior assessment to determine areas of need, collect baseline data and recommend treatment.  After the program has been approved a behavior technician will work 1:1 with your child in the setting that is most relevant to the behavior. A BCBA or Behavior Specialist will oversee the program to ensure proper implementation and monitor progress.  

Advocacy & IEP Review 

Often times parents require additional support securing the appropriate services for their children with disabilities.   The laws regarding special education can be very confusing and overwhelming for most parents. Our background in public school education lends us expertise that is rare in this field.  We are well versed in the process of acquiring an IEP or 504 plan.  We can also review your existing documents, provide recommendations, draft letters, or attend a meeting with you.  

Educational Planning

On staff we have a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP) who is licensed by the state to provide educational services such as assessment, counseling and educational therapy.  We can review existing assessments or conduct our own to determine what your child’s needs are and what the best course of action is.