ABA is…

A scientific approach focusing on ABA therapy, that teaches replacement skills to reduce challenging behavior

  • Emphasizes behaviors that are socially relevant and functional to the individual
  • It is intended to improve the quality of life for the individual long-term
  • ABA analyzes the interaction between the individual and environment, with careful adjustments and other positive behavioral supports, behaviors can be changed
    • Simply put, we reinforce the behavior we want to increase and we eliminate attention to the behavior we want to decrease; keeping in mind, at times negative attention is better than no attention

ABA uses a systematic process to change behavior in the most effective way possible

Steps include: 

  • Identifying areas of need
  • Targeting behaviors for reduction
  • Teaching skills step-by-step
  • Writing measurable goals in areas of need
  • Collecting data on the goals
  • Carefully analyzing the results
  • Adjusting the program as needed
  • Monitoring progress